Cosmetic Dentist in Summit, NJ Shares 5 Healthy Summer Foods for Teeth

With summer just around the corner, it is important to know that you can take care of your teeth all year long by changing up your eating habits. There are many foods to avoid during the summer months because of the acid they contain or the way that they get stuck in your teeth. With barbeque and picnic season among us, here are five of the healthiest summer foods for your teeth.
Anytime you eat foods with dairy in their ingredients, you can rest assured that they are helping your teeth’s enamel. Calcium is incredible for our enamel and eating foods high in calcium can strengthen it. Calcium is also key in protecting our teeth and helps to lower our chances of being diagnosed with gum disease. 
Instead of having those crunchy chips at your next picnic, why not try some apple slices and pears? Apples and pears can give you that crunch you want without all of the empty calories and salt. Pears are great because they help to produce saliva in your mouth. This is important for digestion and keeping your teeth clean. Pears also help to neutralize the acid in your mouth that could possibly break down the enamel of your teeth.
Another great option for your barbeque or picnic is crispy, raw vegetables. Celery is one of the best vegetables that you can eat for your teeth and gums. It is good for your mouth because of how it can help to clean your teeth and your mouth. It can also help to break down the other food particles that are in your mouth if you do not have time or a chance to brush your teeth right after you eat. 
Raw Onion
Onions generally get a bad rap because of how they make your breath smell after you eat them. It’s all right though because they have the ability to help you to have a much healthier mouth, bad breath or not. Raw onion is helpful in removing all of the bad bacteria from your mouth when you are eating. This bacterium is generally what can cause cavities and gum disease. That’s why it is a great idea to add a slice of onion to that burger or chopped onions on that hot dog. 
Water is an all around wonderful drink to put in your body no matter what the season. In summer though, it is very important to drink a lot of it. A lot of areas get very hot and dry which can cause our mouths to get dry and our body to get dehydrated. Hydration is key! Sugary drinks are very bad for your teeth so what is always your best option. You can always add some fresh fruit to it for a little extra flavor.
Remember all of these foods at your next barbeque or picnic. You will feel better not only in your mouth, but in your entire body. Your eating habits truly can save your teeth. 
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