Restorative Dentist in Summit NJ offers Dental Implants

Allergies can come in different forms and they can be caused by many different reasons. You can actually become allergic to almost anything and that includes metals. A study shows that 5% of the population is allergic to metals. Many dental associations around the world know for a fact that there should only be a few metal choices for dental fillings. In cases of dental implants, titanium is the best option. Here are the reasons why:


 - This alloy is “bone-loving” meaning they usually adjust well when on a direct contact with a bone’s surface such as in the case of the gums.

 - Titanium is a metal easy to find and replace.

 - A research has confirmed the metal’s positive effects and how it had helped people with metallic allergies still enjoy dental implants.


However, this cannot be true to all patients because everybody has different possible reactions to metals. Another study conducted to a sample population showed that titanium allergy can still be possible at a lower rate than other metals. In worst cases, the body can still reject titanium absorption.


When it comes to tooth replacements, having dental implants is still the best long-term solution. Given that we have so much advancement in dental technology, there is still a chance in making the dental implant possible. A statement from the American Dental Association affirms that any foreign object placed in the body can certainly result to chances of allergic reactions. Hence, all dental materials or substance used and placed in the mouth can really cause allergies to some individuals. This is the very reason why the patient needs to report any allergy that he or she has before going into any dental procedure. The dentist can then help determine the correct material for the patient.

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