Dentist in Summit NJ offers All-Ceramic Dental Crowns to help you achieve your best smile

All-ceramic crowns are considered a breakthrough in dentistry, especially in terms of cosmetic. All-ceramic caps are a step up from porcelain crowns. They are usually fused to metal for better durability. Here are some of the benefits of getting all-ceramic dental crowns.


1. Impressive Aesthetic


The good thing about all-ceramic dental crown is that it offers impressive aesthetic benefits. Several fabrication techniques are used so these crowns can deliver amazingly life-like results. All-ceramic crowns are smooth and translucent. They match the color of the original tooth. These crowns are perfect for your front teeth.


2. Light-handling Characteristics


The glossy, polished look of a natural tooth is caused by how light infiltrates into its enamel and how the light is reflected out. Porcelain crowns mimic this effect. The thicker the porcelain, the more it matches the light-handling characteristics of a natural tooth. Thus, they create a more natural life-like look.


3. No Dark Line


Compared to PFM (porcelain-fused-to-metal crown), an all-ceramic crown doesn’t cause dark margins or lines on your teeth’s gum line.


4. Biocompatibility


In regard to biocompatibility, getting an all-ceramic crown has proven benefits. The kind of ceramic materials used to create them are not abrasive. All-ceramic crowns are made from biocompatible materials, so there’s no risk for any allergic reaction and gum irritation.


5. Possible to Perform in Just One Visit


Single-visit placement is possible. Most dentists who perform all-ceramic dental crown procedure have milling units in their office. These units can be programmed to grind crowns from ceramic blocks. Thus, in just one appointment, your crown is milled immediately. Milling usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and then the crown can be cemented into place.


If your tooth has been cracked or decayed, an all-ceramic dental crown is a great way to restore it. We’ve provided the benefits you get with all-ceramic dental crowns. Consider this useful information when deciding the best dental crown for you. 

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