Brushing with an Electric Toothbrush

Some people find that using an electric toothbrush keeps their teeth healthier than using a manual toothbrush. This is a personal decision, but depending on your needs, you might also find better plaque control and reduction of gingivitis with an electric toothbrush. 
Choosing a brush with oscillating-rotating movements is the ideal option when picking an electric toothbrush. This action is different from what a manual toothbrush offers and eases the task of brushing for you.  Here are some steps to help guide you to the best chance of removing plaque on your teeth.
Steps to Cleaning with an Electric Toothbrush
If you are considering using an electric toothbrush, here are the steps you’ll want to take for the best clean.
Step One – Hold your toothbrush parallel to your floor. It should be held against the sides of the teeth.
Step Two – Move the brush head between each tooth slowly. Follow the natural curve of your gums and teeth. Do not press hard on the toothbrush or scrub your teeth. Allow the electric brush to do all the work on its own. When brushing the teeth, hold your toothbrush in place for three to four seconds on each tooth before moving forward.
Step Three – Clean every surface of the tooth including the outside, inside, behind the teeth and on the chewing surface.
Step Four – If you are unsure about the operation of your electric toothbrush, be sure to read the manual supplied by the manufacturer for more information.
Other Important Steps
Using the power of your electric toothbrush is simply one step in removing plaque from your teeth. To thoroughly protect your gums and teeth, you’ll need to implement these tips as well:
Floss your teeth and gums at least one time a day.
Avoid tobacco products.
Eat a healthy diet filled with lots of water.
Avoid sugary drinks or foods.
Visit your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and checkup.
You have the tools you need to ensure a healthy mouth for years to come. If you need further guidance on the best way to utilize your electric toothbrush, be sure you speak with your Summit dentist.
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