Getting a Summit, NJ Root Canal? Here Are 4 Ways to Beat the Stress   


Are you nervous about your upcoming Summit, NJ root canal? We recommend first speaking to your dentist about the procedure to familiarize you with each step of the process and why it’s essential.


However, it’s normal to have feelings of anxiety still even when you’re fully prepared!   


We’re here to help—the following four tips are not only easy to implement, but they’ll also make the time pass by faster. So keep reading for our quick guide on beating root canal stress!   


1. Think About the Future 


One of the first things that can help you handle the anxiety of an impending root canal is considering how it will benefit you in the future. If your dentist has recommended that you get a root canal, it’s probably the only way to save your natural tooth, avoid tooth extractions, and immediately eliminate pain.   


Instead of dreading the procedure, try to be optimistic about how it will help you return to your everyday life with healthy teeth.   


2. Pamper Yourself  


Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself and focus on self-care if you anticipate your root canal with trepidation. Before your appointment, consider spending time with friends, getting a massage, or reading a book in the bathtub.   


You can also look forward to ways to treat yourself once the root canal procedure is over. Once your anesthesia wears off after a few hours, treat yourself to your favorite softer foods such as pasta, ice cream, or loaded baked potato. Then, you can relax with a favorite movie, book, or get some fresh air at a local park.   


3. Bring a Distraction  


Getting a root canal isn’t painful because of the local anesthesia applied beforehand. However, the sounds and pressure on your tooth can cause anxiety, so we recommend bringing earbuds and putting together a playlist to keep you distracted.   


You can also consider playing a long YouTube video or an audiobook—just make sure to tell your dentist beforehand.   


4. Practice Relaxation Techniques  


We almost always begin to breathe shallowly from our chest instead of from our belly when we’re stressed. This can prolong your feelings of anxiety and make you tenser.   


Instead, try doing some meditation or visualization techniques during or before the procedure to get yourself in the right headspace. For example, body scan meditation is a way you can relax your body by focusing on each individual part at a time.   


You can also focus on counting your breath for each inhale and exhale, starting over at the number 10. If you have trouble with meditation, there are many apps you can find, such as Calm or Headspace, that can guide you through the process.   


Your Summit, NJ Root Canal is Completely Safe   


Know that root canals have a long history, and they’re known to have impressive success rates of 98 percent. This knowledge, paired with an experienced dentist, means that you’re in good hands.  


Even better, root canals typically only take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Our office is patient satisfaction driven—we’re focused on transforming your smile through the highest level of treatment.   


If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for a Summit, NJ root canal, fill out our online form or give us a call at (908) 522-1155!   


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