Why patients in the Summit, NJ area should consider Invisalign services over traditional orthodontics


Patients with misaligned teeth may feel defeated when they hear that orthodontic work is the primary method of treatment. Many envision metal brackets and wires covering their teeth and smile, causing embarrassment and making them feel self-conscious. Thankfully, with continued advances in general and cosmetic dentistry, patients can now avoid this method of orthodontia and consider the benefits of Invisalign orthodontics.


Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces. Instead of brackets and wires repositioning the teeth within the dental arch, Invisalign works by using aligner trays that are made from clear plastic. The trays are worn over the dental arch day and night to gently reposition the teeth.


Patients start with a consultation appointment to determine if they are appropriate candidates for treatment. Those with mild to moderate malocclusion and misalignment may be best for Invisalign. Patients are then educated on how the trays work. An entire series of trays is fabricated based on digitized impressions of the smile. The trays are worn one at a time for two weeks before progressing to the next tray in the series. By following these instructions and complying with treatments, patients are able to achieve the results they want in the estimated period of time. Noncompliance can result in additional costs and time to treatment.


Invisalign allows patients the opportunity to improve their smile without having to feel embarrassed about traditional orthodontic treatment. Without brackets and wires, patients can have the smile of their dreams using this alternative instead. Invisalign is often comparable in cost with traditional braces and provides results in a year or less with proper compliance. Instead of spending months and even years in improving the smile with conventional orthodontics, patients can work with the dentist they already know and trust to undergo clear aligner therapy as another method of enhancement.


Invisalign is just one of many services available at the price of Dr. Deborah Flynn-Nyktas. Summit, NJ area patients are welcome to book a consultation appointment with her by calling (908) 522-1155 or visiting at 7 Tulip Street.

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