Summit, NJ General Dentist Shares Tips to Achieve a Bright Smile

The newest technologies have given us a multitude of dental treatments to create a bright, white smile. Aside from visiting the dentist, there are some other tips to give you a smile you want right from your home.
Floss, Floss, Floss
This is one of the easiest ways you can achieve a healthy smile. In addition to the twice-daily brushing of your teeth, taking the time to floss adds immense benefits to your dental health. Toothbrushes were never created to reach between each crevice in the mouth, so debris often goes unnoticed. By flossing, you prevent the growth of bacteria and the build-up of plaque.
Increase Your Vitamins & Minerals
Healthy smiles come from healthy bodies. Eating a nutritious diet full of healthy foods gives you the minerals and vitamins you need to strengthen and brighten your smile. Calcium is one of the minerals needed to protect your teeth. You can opt for foods such as cheeses, fat-free milk and green vegetables to get more calcium in your diet.
You should also increase your levels of Vitamin C. This helps to repair tissue damage and can stop the growth of dangerous bacteria. Most vegetables and fruits have a high level of Vitamin C.
Avoid These Bad Foods
There are lots of foods and drinks that will work against you. Avoid these when you can:
Sugary foods and drinks
Red wine
Acidic drinks and foods like citrus
Use Your Makeup
There are some ways to use your makeup to fake a white smile. Lipsticks with blue undertones are your best bet. On top of that, a bronzer used to darken the skin can help create the appearance of whiter teeth.
Whitening Products
Look for whitening toothpaste to remove the surface stains on your teeth. These are a quick way to achieve some brightness, but they won’t actually change the shade. For that, you’ll want to see the Summit, NJ general dentist.
If you are concerned about what your teeth look like, you’ll want to talk to the dentist. With the newest treatments available, it’s easy to achieve the smile you’ve dreamed about. 
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