Summit Dentist on ways to prevent bad breath

It is a hard topic to bring up but we know you care about your breath and so we hope you find relief in our article about ending that affliction known as halitosis. Halitosis is ‘bad breath’ and unless your bad breath is due to some other medical condition such as dry mouth or sinus infections – don’t feel too bad, it happens and there are easy solutions as close as your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. There are foods that can neutralize the bacteria that linger in the mouth and bring about halitosis.


Below, your Summit Dentist lists some easy ways you can prevent bad breath: 

Drink Water

It is the best thing for flushing out the food particles that bacteria feed upon.

Fruits and Veggies

Eating raw veggies and fruit, high in vitamin C works to stimulate saliva that washes away bacterial plaque.
Yogurt with a probiotic (probiotics are good bacteria) has the capacity to lower the odor producing sulfide compounds as well as containing vitamin D, which assists in reducing the bacteria in the mouth.
Munching this veggie is well - known for bringing an end to bad breath. The reason is the chlorophyll that is found to deodorize the mouth.
Eat an Apple
If one eats an apple after a particularly spicy or odor-filled meal such as onions or garlic it will deodorize one’s mouth. If an apple a day is eaten over a period of time, the foul breath will be beaten down. Speculation is the acidity of an apple help deodorizes foul smelling foods. Also, an ingredient called polyphenols break down the pungent compounds in foods such as onions or garlic. 
Green Tea
It contains odor-reducing polyphenols and is a good beverage to prevent bacterial growth. Raw spinach also contains this miracle compound, the polyphenol, that puts an end to bad breath.  
Also try some cherries and lettuce, which contain methyl mercaptan, that banishes bad breath.
There are simple answers to keeping breath feeling fresh that are as close as the food pantry or refrigerator. With that and the disciplined tooth brushing and flossing, halitosis will no longer be a problem.
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