See What Your Summit Dentist Says about Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are typically the last teeth to come through your gums. They are given this name as they are the last to arrive when the individual is matured and has developed a sense of wisdom.


Sometimes they can push up and grind against other teeth and they can even become impacted.

With regular visits to your Summit dentist, he or she can determine through x-rays, if the delayed teeth will produce a problem with the structure of your mouth. If your dentist deems that the teeth will become an issue, surgery is then considered as a way to remove the unwanted molars.


Possible Outcomes from an Impacted Wisdom Tooth:

• Infection

• Headaches

• Earaches

• Pain in jaw, throat, or neck

• Pain in adjacent teeth

• Cysts near the tooth

• Swelling


Extraction of a Wisdom Tooth


The dentist will first examine your teeth to make sure that surgery is the correct course of action. Once the decision to extract the tooth or teeth has been decided a local anesthetic will be given to numb the area of the tooth that is to be removed. If in the case of several teeth being pulled, a general anesthetic can also be administered. This will allow for the patient to be pain-free from the procedure and even allow for the patient to sleep for its duration.


It is advised to abstain from food and drink from midnight the night before your procedure. The dentist will cut open the gum and remove the tooth as a whole, or he or she may need to break the tooth into smaller pieces to properly remove it all.  In some cases, stitches may be required to close up the gums.


Post Extraction


Your dentist will require that someone pick you up after your surgery. He or she will also prescribe some pain medicine for you to take. Gauze pads will need to be bitten on to help soak up the blood and will require frequent changing. The blood should stop after 24 hours post-surgery.

Make sure that you remain upright so that you do not prolong the bleeding. An ice pack may also be applied to the outside of the mouth to help with pain and swelling. You should start to feel better within a few days.


If you suspect that you are not healing properly, call us at (908) 522-1155 to discuss your symptoms promptly.

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