You May Not Know You Have Bad Breath

Most people tend to be unaware that they have bad breath. Dentists refer to the condition as halitosis and one in four people will struggle with it each day! Here’s what you need to know.
Bad breath is caused by both internal and external factors. Some of the external factors can include:
Spicy foods and odorous substances can cause bad breath. These include garlic, onions or even tuna. If your bad breath is caused by certain foods, you may want to limit the amount you eat. It would also be wise to brush your teeth or use chewing gum after eating these foods.
Tobacco & Alcohol
Those who smoke, use smokeless tobacco and consume alcohol can often suffer from bad breath. The best option is to avoid these substances whenever possible to alleviate the symptoms.
Internal Factors
There are many factors that can cause bad breath. The tongue allows bacteria to grow and cause bad breath compounds. Some issues that make this worse include:
Poor Dental Hygiene – Not brushing, flossing or rinsing as advised
Lack of Dental Care – Not visiting the dentist on a regular basis
Dentures – Food and plaque can build up inside the dentures
Dry Mouth – a lack of saliva production; this leads to other mouth ailments as well
Illness – Sinus or throat infections can cause bad breath symptoms
Dieting – Those who diet on a regular basis tend to suffer from bad breath
Systemic Diseases – Patients suffering from lung infections, Diabetes, Kidney failure and several gastrointestinal illnesses can also suffer from bad breath
Medications – Certain medications offer bad breath as a common symptom and complaint
Treatment of bad breath starts by finding the cause. Once you’ve done that, you can make any changes necessary to alleviate the issue. 
Proper dental care is also an important factor. You need to give your mouth the best chance of fighting off bacteria. 
Make sure that you attend your bi-annual dental visits to ensure that you are on the right track to protecting your dental health.
While it might feel embarrassing to discuss your bad breath issues, it is important to have a conversation with your Summit dentist. Then, you can work together to achieve a healthier and a cleaner mouth.
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